An inmate endures long-term isolation within a prison's solitary confinement unit.

At its core, [solitary] is an exploration of the well-hidden practice of solitary confinement within the us prison institution – through drama, plunging into the darkness to examine its many effects on the human spirit. Across the country, tens of thousands of men, women, even juveniles spend each day inside cells barely larger than a porta-potty. People are left damaged... Deteriorating... Alone
— Derek Pastuszeck, Director
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From left to right: Kofi Bamfo (actor), Cedric Gamelin (producer), Derek J. Pastuszek (director), Katy Jarzebowski(composer) and Salvador Pérez García (editor) accept the award at The White House.



"A contemplative and visceral depiction of solitary confinement."

Nick Dager on Digital Cinema Report

"Stylishly executed and stunningly performed, Solitary is packed visual poetry and bursting with sociopolitical ambition."

Kristofer Jenson on Boston Reel



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GRILL DOG (2016) (currently in its film festival run)

When two brothers sneak away from their family vacation resort and steal someone's pet, sibling rivalry sends them wildly off course.

Short film /  17 min. / Directed by Corey Aumiller

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"Grill Dog begins slowly and with a few light marks and then grows into a musical Adagio, with the same utopic charge, full of the nostalgia and magic of a fugue that only Schubert knew how to put into the slow movements of his masterful sonatas..the final shot has a mythic strength and epiphanic power that I believe has remained unexpressed, since the times of De Sica’s Ladri di Biciclette or Truffaut’s Les Quatre Cents Coups."

- Alessandro Izzi (read full review in Italian here) (read full review in English here)


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The choice between what is expected of you and what you truly desire. 
— Lavi Shiyun Hu, Director
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The story follows Itsuki, a sous-chef working under his sushi master father, Mr. Hashimoto. Itsuki yearns to connect with his customers’ emotions through food, making his approach very different to his father's traditional philosophy. When illness forces Mr. Hashimoto to give up his role, Itsuki will have to decide between following in his father's footsteps or starting down his own path.

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Avner Mayer - Cinematographer

Lavi Shiyun Hu - Director

Stills from the set

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5-1-14_Thesis_SHUN_Yating Du-8.JPG