I translate stories to virtual reality

Since Aug 2016, I work as a senior producer for Emblematic Group.

Who AM I-

- A pioneering virtual reality producer at the forefront of the evolution of storytelling in the entertainment industry. 

My ability to venture, operate and excel in groundbreaking and uncharted territories enables me to seek out new innovations and trends in different entertainment mediums and integrate this information into the development of very unique and innovative content.

My works, including those I produced as an independent creative producer, were showcased in numerous venues and festivals including The White House, the US Congress, Sundance, Venice International Film Fest, SXSW, Art Basel, etc.

“As a creative producer, I apply my knowledge in Blue Ocean Strategy and my passion for storytelling to bring innovative content to life.
As a visionary and inspirationalist, I’m an enduring optimist and a team advocate who blossoms on building solidary group environments.
I’m an exceptional listener, communicator, big picture thinker and lead with empathy and diplomacy.”
— Cedric Gamelin, senior producer at Emblematic Group